Alignment for body, mind, and spirit through

Energy Medicine, Counseling,

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Angela Marschall

Angela is a Registered Nurse, Licensed Massage Therapist, Spiritual Counselor, ITA Energy Medicine Practitioner, and Meditation Coach. She was born and raised in Austria, Europe, and moved to Long Island, NY in 1997.

After 25 years in the health care business, Angela started her own private practice in 2007 and integrated various non-traditional healing modalities into her private practice. Her keen recognition of imbalances in the body, mind, and spirit and her highly intuitive gifts has guided thousands of people on their healing journeys to balance and well-being.  Angela teaches workshops and leads retreats throughout the US. She sees clients one on one at her home office, online or by phone.

An individualistic, targeted approach, using eastern and western healing modalities to balance and align all fields of the human - body, mind, spirit - complex.

Utilizing ancient techniques, visualizations, and dialogue to strengthen or activate the storehouse of internal wisdom.

Meditation Guidance

Offering beginner to advanced meditation guidance through the introduction of various stages of mindfulness to spiritual self-growth development.

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