My Services

A combination of energy medicine, spiritual counseling, and meditation guidance. 

     Many people carry around blockages or disruptions in their minds and emotions,                       and these inner disturbances can lead to chronic psychological                       distress, illness, problems with relationships, abuse, and addiction.                                         Whether caused by recent events or forgotten childhood traumas, these issues and their solutions are at the core of Angela's practice. Through a coordinated approach to healing the Body, Mind, and Spirit, Angela will help restore the natural flow of your innate energy and well-being, and guide you to a healthier and more vibrant, fulfilling life.

An individualistic, targeted approach, using eastern and western healing modalities to balance and align all fields of the human - body, mind, spirit - complex.

Utilizing ancient techniques, visualizations, and dialogue to strengthen and activate the storehouse of internal wisdom.

Offering beginner to advanced meditation guidance through the introduction of various stages of mindfulness to spiritual self-growth development.